Bridgwater & District Pool League 2019




The match will consist of single frames as per league rules. Win the required frames to win the match. The competition is a straight knockout. With all games being played at Spennys sports bar. All Matches are played to normal league rules. Tables in Spennys use a mixture of standard pool balls and the use of pro cup balls. If using pro cup balls will cause an issue then please let Mick or Pete know on the night, this will not guarantee we can change the balls as there is a limited number of each set available for use. 

All Start times are prompt. Please be on time for your match. If a you are 15 mins late then the match will be awarded to your opponent. Some matches will over run so start times for the later matches can and will be altered if needed. Can all winners please inform Mick or Pete of your result once your match has ended. 

First Round 02/06/19 (best of 7) 19:30 start

     H Gower & C Western 1 v 4 Chris Vearncombe & Ryan Farmer

Pat Hall & Gary Crandon 4 v 0 Jim Cavanagh & Mike Brass

Rich Britton & A Steele v BYE

T Nicholls & L White 1 v 4 Bob Abrams & Jeff Wright         

First Round 02/06/19 (best of 7) 21:00 start

   John Rostill & Ruth Hudson 0 v 4 Kenny Crouch & Martin Hitchcock

Mick Fogarty & Pete Racknell 4 v 3 Rob Venn & Mark Grafton

Steve Turner & Chris Butcher 4 v 0 Jimmy Marray & Martyn Burley

Sam Davies & Sonny Bale 0 v 0 Ashley Pearce & Trev Clark        

Quarter Finals 09/06/19 (best of 9) 19:30 start

Pat Hall & Gary Crandon 4 v 5 Pete Racknell & Mick Fogarty

Bob Abrams & Jeff Wright 4 v 5 Kenny Crouch & Martin Hitchcock

Chris Vearncombe & Ryan Farmer 1 v 5 Rich Britton & A Steele

BYE v Steve Turner & Chris Butcher

Semi Finals 09/06/19 (best of 9) 21:00 start

Kenny Crouch & Martin Hitchcock 4 v 5 Steve Turner & Chris Butcher

Pete Racknell & Mick Fogarty 1 v 5 Rich Britton & A Steele
Final 23/06/2019 (best of 11) 7pm Start

Steve Turner & Chris Butcher  4 v 6 ​Rich Britton & A Steele

Congratulations to Rich Britton & Avan Bridgwater Doubles Champion 2019